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    Adobe Reader X/10: "Save a copy" vs "Save as"

    Stephan Schnider

      Dear all


      1. In earlier versions of Adobe Reader there was a "Save as copy" button. With this function, a copy of the current files was saved on a new location and the current file was still opened/active in the Reader. With the current version of the Reader, there is only a "Save as" button which saves the current file on a new location as well, but the new file on the new location is now active in the reader. This means now you first have to close the Reader before you can move oder rename the new saved file. Why is that and is there a possibility to change that back?


      2. There are already many users who looking for a way to change the default folder for the "Save as" function. Any news about that?


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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The "Save a Copy" menu item in Adobe Acrobat is there for a specific purpose when dealing with PDF forms - it removes Reader extensions and breaks any links with Tracker. It's still present on the Acrobat X menu, but only when viewing a Reader-extended file.


          The "Save As" and "Save a Copy" menu items in Adobe Reader were also linked to the file permissions, but didn't perform the same functions as they do in Acrobat. To ensure the menus across the entire Acrobat X Family are similar, "Save a Copy" has been removed from Reader X.


          You can post a feature request, but I haven't seen any significant demand to change it back. There are sensible reasons for keeping the active version of the file linked to the last save location - if you want to split off an independent copy, just do another Save As.



          The default folders for saving operations cannot be changed - again, please post a feature request if you feel this is a problem for your workflow.

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            I strongly agree with Stephan. The "save copy" feature saves a lot of time for on-line researchers who are downloading multiple pdf files, seriatim, to the same hard drive folder. Without it, using only the "save as" feature, a user with a complex drive containing multiple folders has to repeatedly scroll through the tree each and every time a new document is to be saved to the same folder. What a pain.