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    buggy action - 'the command "high pass" is not currently available'


      Hi, I've recently been speedtesting a couple of mac minis with different RAM and scratch configurations. To speedtest I'm running a Photoshop action.


      Today, I added 16Gb RAM (2 x 8Gb) to a 2011 i7 2.7 ghz mac mini and discovered that my previously well functioning speedtest action gets stuck at the High Pass filter step. It pops up a warning - 'the command "high pass" is not currently available'. If I then highlight the high pass stage in the action palette and click play, the filter works and the action continues.


      I googled and found a suggestion to reinstall Photoshop. I did this and the action completed properly - but only once. When I tried to run it again it got stuck as before, at the high pass filter stage.


      Any ideas?


      (The steps in the action prior to this problem: background layer duplicated (layer via copy), image mode from 16bit to 8 bit, unsharp mask on copied layer... then i'm wanting to run the high pass on the same layer, but it stops...)