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    Mobile Flex - Value in textInput is flying

    thiagollo Level 1



      I have a list with textInput in a mobile project. When i scroll the list the value of textInput is "flying". Look the image, this happen in the simulator and in the device.

      In this image the number "two" is the number of "18 - Sony Vaio".




      I create the textInput overrides createChildren function on the IconItemRenderer:


           override protected function createChildren():void




                      var txtQtd:TextInput = new TextInput();

                      txtQtd.id = "txtQtd";

                      txtQtd.width = 70;

                      txtQtd.height = 40;

                      txtQtd.x = this.parent.width-90;

                      txtQtd.y = 25;

                      txtQtd.maxChars = 4;

                      txtQtd.softKeyboardType = SoftKeyboardType.NUMBER;

                      txtQtd.addEventListener(TextOperationEvent.CHANGE, verificarProduto);




      Any suggestion?