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    InDesign H&J settings

    Sen.Soft Level 1

      I have received a instruction from customer to set the H&J setting in Indesign could any one help me how to set this in Indesign CS5.5,


      Instruction : "Please set your InDesign H&J settings to set 'widows' for only two words. This is to prevent hypens in widows."

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          Richard Groff Level 1

          The instruction makes no sense to me. You can set H&J to disallow ANY hyphenation of the last word, but not two.

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            H&J settings are in the Paragraph Styles - under Hyphenation and another one called Justificaiton.


            Go into the Hyphenation settings and set them as described.


            If you haven't used Styles then you can edit the Hyphenation settings by opening the Paragraph Panel and then selecting Hyphenation from the menu that flys out on the top right of the panel.




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              Sen.Soft Level 1

              Hi Richard Groff, I feel the same as you said but I have to fix this in Indesign,


              Hi Eugene Tyson, Thanks for your comment and there is a empty screen in the webpage while we go to the link you mentioned above.


              Could any please confirm the above instruction is able or  not able to fix in Indesign, by default option or by script.,

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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                The above instruction is unclear. Communicate with your customer.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Boy, this sure sounds like a new twist on the runts discussion, and I bet the client doesn't want to see fewer than two words in the last line, and no hyphens in the next-to-last. The two words thing is not possible without GREP in ID, nor to the best of my knowledge is it possible in Quark, where the term H&J is actually used, and the settings are in a single combined dialog. Could also be interpreted, though that there must be at least one whole word in the last line, and if more than one, not less than two whole words, also not something that is directly doable.


                  Obviously some clarification from the client would help, but I'll go ahead and repeat the "bad idea" mantra. "Words" is a squishy unit. Some words are long, some are short, and to base a decision on where to hyphenate purely on the number of words is a recipe for bad typesetting, if not disaster. Even prohibiting hypenation of the very last word can be a problem (why not hypenate antidisestablismentarianism in a narrow column?) and what do you do if the last two words are both long and together are wider than the column?


                  Preventing a break that would leave less than x characters in the last line is relatively easy, and a lot more precise than "two words," but the value of x needs to be carefully thought out relative to the size of the type and the width of the column, and like any rule, I think it's better to apply it after the fact in cases where it improves the appearance of the text than to go through a whole book looking for that spot where automatically applying the rule has made things uglier than they need to be.

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                    Sen.Soft Level 1

                    Is it possible to fix in GREP option for the below, pls advice how to fix,


                    In a page the last word of the para should not break with less than 5 characters and also not hypenated,

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Which is it that you want, to not break at less than five characters, or not hyphenate at all? For the first, what do you want to do if the last word is shorter than five characters? Would you want to have it alone on the last line? Do you allow any words shorter than five characters to hyphenate?


                      To simply not break the last word, no matter what the length, uncheck the "Hyphenate Last Word" checkbox in the Hyphenation section of the style definition dialog

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                        Sen.Soft Level 1

                        Hi All,


                        Sorry for the late reply, I raised query to my customer regarding this, Once I get the reply I will share with you all.


                        Query listed below FYI,


                        • As per the instruction, end of the paragraphs should have at least two words without hyphenation, pl. confirm whether our understanding is correct
                        • Whether we need to apply any condition for no. of letters for these two words or can be applied directly even for bigger words, pl. confirm
                        • If we forcefully fix the two words (say bigger words) at the end of paragraphs, some of the small paragraphs (having just 3 to 4 lines) may looks very loose, pl. confirm



                        Thank you all.,