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    Export single-page pdfs with page name

    dmtetard Level 1

      I've been looking for a script that:

      - exports every page of an indesign file to a seperate single-page pdf (or other filetypes)

      - names the pdf with the name of a page -> this is the hard part to find


      The reason i could use it: i have a 200+ page file with productspecs. I would like to export every page with the correct productname. (extracting pdfs in acrobat is not a problem, but then i have to manually rename every file)

      I'm not sure how to name the pages, as it's not a function in indesign. Ideal would be to be able to "tell" indesign: this textframe = the pagename, so it wouldn't be necessary to label the page seperately.


      I'm not a scripter. I searched the forum and found some info on this already, but not a working script including automatic pagenaming.

      I did found an old post where someone points to such a script, but i can't find it:



      Did anyone ever made/found/used such a script?


      (btw, a similar script for illustrator artboards would be very useful too!)


      Any help appreciated!