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    RoboHelp 9 Search: Error: Failed to load xml file, but only on W,X,Y, and Z


      Okay, this is more than just a bit weird. When I use the Search feature in my WebHelp files (after they have been compiled into our product), it appears to work fine, finding results and giving me the expected No Topics Found message when no results are returned. Except when I search for anything beginning with the letters W, X, Y, or Z, which is when I receive the Error: Failed to load xml file message. Anytime anyone sees the word Error it's a big deal, right?.

      To be clear, I do not encounter this problem when looking at the WebHelp files on my computer, but only when the files are compiled into our product. So you would think that it's our application (which I'm not saying it isn't).

      Has anyone seen this or do you have some idea what's going on? Why would help work fine on all but the last four letters of the alphabet?