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    help in the design of Adobe Air application


      I am confused and unaware how to design for Adobe Air.
      I explain my need:
      1) first page I have background1 and over it 2 swf clickable
      2) when I click on any swf1 it send me to a new "page" (or whatever) with another background (background2) and other swfs (swf3 and swf4, for example).
      3) then if I want I can go back to "background 1 with swf1 and swf2 on it....

      I do not know what component to use?
      Should I do like "a main document with a HBox" and "hiding/displaying" Hboxes??

      1) mainscreen, Hbox with a background image, 2 swfs
      2) when I click like HBox1 become invisible and HBox 2 appears?
      3) then box2 rebecome invisible and HBox1 reappears??

      Any help, comments welcome!!