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    Pandigital R80B400 Super Nova


      First time in this forum! I can't get ADE to recognize the device!  I've confirmed in the user guide that this should work!

      ADE was installed and authorized correctly. The eBook is downloaded and shows up in Library View. When the device is connected AutoPlay comes up (so the computer knows its there!) but the Device Setup Assistant doesn't open.

      Adobe Flash was updated (although I'm not sure that will make a difference!). ADE was removed and reinstalled. The Pandigital was shut down and restarted. I've tried open ADE and then connect the device AND connect the device then open ADE. The only thing I haven't tried is to reset the Pandigital back to factory settings.

      Any suggestions?

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          I have the same device, ADE doesn't recognize the device. My windows XP can see it fine. Would like to get this working, because the kobo software doesn't show all the words on my super nova.

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            Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

            The PanDigital Novel and ADE have always been compatible; however, as PD as a hardware company essentially dissolved earlier this year, it's highly unlikely that you will find support for technical issues outside of forums such as this.


            Troubleshooting connectivity issues is fairly straightfoward, but it needs to be reitrated that ADE AND THE PD NOVEL ARE COMPATIBLE.


            The same steps used to connect devices such as the non-HD NOOKs, Kobo, Literati, etc. can be effectively used to connect to the PD Novel.  This was the case with ADE 1.7.2 and continues on wth ADE 2.0.