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    Typewriter problems in Acrobat 9 Pro


      I've been using the typewriter tool in Acrobat 9 Pro, and up until yesterday was able to change the font and size I was typing in. As of now, the whole typewriter tool bar at the top of my PDF is greyed out and seems to be locked. Please help! I haven't changed any of the security settings as far as I know.

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          I'm using Acrobat 9 Standard on a PC, but one thing I've noticed is that there is a problem with the Typewriter toolbar working when opening up additional .PDF documents while the first document is still open - you can click on the Typewriter tool in those subsequent documents, but you cannot change the font or color of the text.  You have to look at the first .PDF document you opened to see those controls, which, amazingly, changes the size and color of the other document's Typewriter text.  Go figure.


          If you have closed that first .PDF document already and this subsequent document is still open, you won't be able to access the Typewriter toolbar at all (all the options will be greyed out except the turning on and off the Typewriter itself).  You will have to close all the open .PDF documents (save them first, if applicable), then reopen the document you want to use Typewriter in.  It should work fine at that time.


          It appears the fully functioning Typewriter toolbar only works in the "first" file opened.  Any overlapping files opened (while the first one is still open) are screwed up.  Just make sure to close each .PDF as it is used, and then each new .PDF you open will have a fully-functioning Typewriter toolbar.  Either that, or be sure to keep the first ,PDF open at all times, and if you have subsequent files you open and close, just keep referring to the toolbar in the first .PDF to make the changes in these other files.


          This is especially cumbersome in that, as a digital office, I am always printing to Adobe instead of to a physical printer.  This glitch is annoying, but less so now that I know how to work around it.


          Hope this helps!

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            I had the same problem of being able to type text but not able to change font, size, line spacing.


            I am running a pc with Windows 7 and using ACROBAT 9.5.1


            Here is how I fixed my problem.


            I checked file access and found that I did not have sufficient access to change the file.


            There were two ways to fix this.

            Option 1) Close Adobe Acobat and the use the "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR"option. This should give you change control.


            Option 2 is to change the security on the file with windows explorer:

            1) Open Window Explorer

            2) Right mouse on the PDF file in question

            3) Select properties

            4) Select the Security Tab

            5) Select EVERONE or the ID that you logged on with.

            6) select edit

            7) Check the full control box and then select APPLY

            8) Select OK to exit the security tab

            9) Select OK to exit file properties

            10) reopen the PDF file in ACOBAT - you should now have access to change typewriter text.

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              Carrot_Top Level 1

              Thank you, this solution worked for me!

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                Bill@VT Level 7

                If the tool is greyed out, it is suggestive that the PDF has a security setting that does not allow any editing.