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    Does Digital Editions work with Kindle?

    dynor123 Level 1

      Does ADE work with the Kindle Touch?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          ADE does not support the Kindle.


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            irieirene1 Level 1

            have u found out which adobe         product DOES work with KIndle?  i was originaly told to download digital editions and then told it doesnt work with kindle. any info? thanks irene

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Amazon has decided to 'capture' the Kindle and uses proprietary software

              and digital ebook encoding to keep it linked to Amazon's site only.  AFAIK,

              Adobe products won't work with or on the Kindle.  I'm not sure that the

              Kindle supports any Adobe digital formats either.  You may have been told

              that Adobe Digital Editions was 'required' to transfer ebooks to the Kindle

              because the person or persons who told you that didn't realize that.


              There are some independent sources for ebooks in Kindle format, however.

              If you use them, then you can download the material to your computer

              directly - not through ADE - and then transfer it to the Kindle using your

              computer utilities.  One of these sources is gutenberg.org - but their

              ebooks are generally older.


              Hope this helps!


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                KindleUser2 Level 1

                Hello everybody,


                sorry but my first post is a complain. I have bought a Kindle and am very satisfied with it; I am using it since several months and have bought many books on the Web, reading them without any problem. With the pdf books it's all very easy, I can translate them in txt and then transfer them to my Kindle. With the introduction of this proprietary ACSM, the text is in Flash and although I can highlight it, I am forbidden to copy it in a txt window. So the problem is not Amazon and Kindle: it is Adobe's format and their use of a format that forbids copying.


                Though I understand the problems with piracy (of a book? uhmm....) this is not something that I am ready accept when I have correctly paid my money for a e-book that I want to read on whatever e-reader I have decided to purchase. 


                I hope that Adobe will reconsider this. Meanwhile I had to ask for a refund of my e-books in ACSM and I am thinking of canceling my Adobe account as it is useless for what I would need it.


                Have a great 2012,



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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  Stefano, I think you're jumping to a conclusion.   The 'ascm file' is not

                  the ebook.  It's a file that tells ADE where to find the ebook, which is in

                  '.epub' format.  ADE enforces digital rights that are embedded in the ebook

                  files by the publisher or reseller.  So, ADE isn't the problem.


                  You as an end user are not able to change the digital rights assigned to

                  the ebook, whether you think you should be able to transfer it to whatever

                  ereader you like or not.  Sorry - that's the way it is, and you are not the

                  only person who thinks it should be different.



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                    nleclercq Level 1

                    Dear all,


                    I have to agree with Stefano. I just bought a book that I am unable to read because the seller told me to use Digital Editions without informing me that Digital Editions can't be used by Kindle. I feel cheated. Kindle is used by so many and I'm surprised there isn't a clear warning when you download Digital Editions that it isn't compatible with Kindle. Even on this website, I had to search the forums for this information. It might be somewhere else, but I could not find it. I had to read this information on the Calibre website but then I had already bought the book. The only reason I got the Adobe account was because of my e-reader so this account is also of no use to me.


                    Kind regards,


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                      Jim_Lester Level 4

                      Cavaet Emptor.


                      Your expectations don't match reality. If you are buying a book from somplace other than Amazon, unless they specifically say that they support Kindle (or sell the content in non-DRM Mobipocket format), then they don't support the Kindle.  Amazon would prefer if you could only buy content from them.


                      This is Amazon's fault (they could have - and still could - add in support for the Industry Standard - EPUB - but consistently choose not to, and even gone so far to withdraw from the standard body - IDPF, which shows their complete lack of interest).

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                        xxstarlightxx1 Level 1

                        I disagree with buying from amazon only for the kindle, amazon doesnt't have the harry potter books only pottermore and I know that they can be transfered to the kindle with no problems, I just bought a book from waterstones and was told to download  ADE to read it, not knowing about it but my local store said it should be able to transfer to a kindle with no problems as I'm grabbing most of my books in time for xmas as that is when I'll be getting my kindle keyboard.

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                          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                          Amazon decided to create a unique form of .epub for Kindles.  ADE does not

                          work with  it.  Sorry!


                          There ARE some ebookstores that are independent of Amazon that carry

                          Kindle-specific ebooks.  And some libraries also support the Amazon

                          format.  The process for hooking up to and downloading from these sites

                          does not involve the use of ADE.