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    Does Digital Editions work with Kindle?


      Does ADE work with the Kindle Touch?

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          have u found out which adobe         product DOES work with KIndle?  i was originaly told to download digital editions and then told it doesnt work with kindle. any info? thanks irene

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            Hello everybody,


            sorry but my first post is a complain. I have bought a Kindle and am very satisfied with it; I am using it since several months and have bought many books on the Web, reading them without any problem. With the pdf books it's all very easy, I can translate them in txt and then transfer them to my Kindle. With the introduction of this proprietary ACSM, the text is in Flash and although I can highlight it, I am forbidden to copy it in a txt window. So the problem is not Amazon and Kindle: it is Adobe's format and their use of a format that forbids copying.


            Though I understand the problems with piracy (of a book? uhmm....) this is not something that I am ready accept when I have correctly paid my money for a e-book that I want to read on whatever e-reader I have decided to purchase. 


            I hope that Adobe will reconsider this. Meanwhile I had to ask for a refund of my e-books in ACSM and I am thinking of canceling my Adobe account as it is useless for what I would need it.


            Have a great 2012,