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    Windows 7 on domain, only domain admins can install/uninstall and update


      We are rolling out some Windows 7 PC's at work and are noticing some problems with Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat 8 on these new machines.  If a normal user is logged in to a Win 7 computer he/she cannot install, uninstall or update either adober reader x or Acrobat 8, they are met with the following error:


      Error 1324: The path to My Documents or the volume is invalid. Please enter it again


      This pops up immediatly when the choose to install.  All of our domain users are set up as local admins on their macines (Domain Users has been added to the local Adminstrators group).  The only way anyone can install or update without the errors is if we add them to the Domain Admins group which for obvious reasons we can't do.


      Any ideas?  I can't seem to find a solution for this searching online.