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    Flex and Perl- A scary Integration?


      I know that Perl is not supported in Flex and very often looked upon rather unfavourably. But it serves a powerful merit in the bioinformatics community and I am trying to integrate the UI benefits of Flex with the necessary tools in Perl.

      Here's my thing, I need a way to execute Perl scripts from a rather powerful server that I have. I am having a really hard time figuring out how I would do this in Flex, or Action Script. I have to admit first off, that I am a bioinformatics student, so I'm learning much of the networking needed for client-server communication. Anyone willing to give me some pointers would be appreciated. Although keywords are all that would be necessary.


      I've floated the idea of setting up a webserver, and making my perl scripts cgi, and executing things like that. It's not a terrible idea, since cgi scripts seems to work well in this context. But ideally I want to avoid doing that, because this server is used to conduct research in the department.

      I've been thinking about using sockets as well, but it's not clear how I really manage this in flex. I know how to make the socket in Perl. From the flex interface I would need just to transmit a file to my server (which is UNIX OS) and tell 1 perl script to execute. Then I need to transfer a file from the server to the flex program, when the perl script has finished executing.

      So All I really need is a transfer of two files, no more complicated then that. But I need the connection to be secure, and to transmit logon information and even to navigate through directories. Again, I know how to do this in Perl nicely, but it escapes me in Flex....

      Any sources or Ideas would be great.