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    Driver issue with GTX470 and GTX570 in CS5.03


      So we have two different video cards as we can't find the GTX470 easily anymore.

      Both computers when the video card driver is updated to a newer version the video is displayed weird.

      Adobe Premiere Pro 012-01-03_22-18-30.png


      The rest of the hardware is the same on both computers Core i5 3.3ghz, 8gb ram, msi motherboard, and RT.X2 matrox card.

      This also happens on Preview and Program as well, unless the video is stopped, but while playing it always does this.

      I was able to fix the problem by going to an older version of the drivers. The GTX570 is using 275.33, and the GTX470 is using 280.26.


      I haven't really had too much time to mess around with the video drivers on the GTX570 as I needed to get the computer up and running ASAP so I just grabed an older driver off of nvidia's website. Which is the reason the GTX570 drivers are older than the GTX470.


      Now is this an issue with the RT.X2 card or something with premiere?

      The GTX570 system is a clean install.


      I manually added the GTX570 to the cuda support list in order to get it to work on CS5.03