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    re-installing mocha

    davidp158 Level 1

      I have the CS5 Master Suite, and mocha for After Effects isn't working correctly (won't import video files that it could import previously). I contacted Imagineer Systems, and they recommend re-installing mocha. I don't see an option to install only mocha on my installed discs, and I'm concerned about losing plugins and other files within my After Effects folder. Is there a way to only install mocha?


      thanks in advance for any advice,


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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          I think the Imagineer people might have gotten a bit confused in their advice.  Mocha is a separate install in some installations.  It was a separate install in AE up to version 9.  But with AE 10, Mocha installed automatically with AE.I fear it isn't possible. 

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            davidp158 Level 1



            Thanks for the reply. The combo-install may be something imposed by Adobe...I really don't know, but this type of installation process complicates things. I worry about having to keep track of previously installed plugins and app updates.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              I agree, it's a right royal pain, and perhaps I'm wrong.  I hope I am for your sake.  Perhaps someone with greater knowledge of this issue will chime in.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You only need to re-install After Effects. This will not change any previously installed 3rd party plug-ins, scripts, or presets. Even on an uninstall all your 3RD party stuff remains.


                I don't remember from the CS5 installer, but if you click the options you may be able to select only Mocha. You may also want to consider that the files that used to work and don't work now may be giving you problems because something other than Mocha has changed on your system. Have you installed any new codecs? Cocec Packs? Camera Drivers? Other updates? How about any anti virus updates?


                Other than CS5 we no nothing about your system. No OS info, no AE version info, no video file format info.


                Good luck. I wish you well. Chasing down these kinds of problems are always time consuming and frustrating.

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  As Rick said, no harm done when you reinstall AE. Installs never touch user configuration data or stuff from otehr companies.



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                    davidp158 Level 1

                    Rick & Mylenium,


                    Thanks for your replies. The CS5 installer doesn't provide an option to install only mocha, so I'll have to install After Effects and hope that takes care of things.


                    Regarding my system, I hadn't provided that info because my inquiry was about re-installing mocha. However, if that doesn't solve the problem, there must be something awry with my system, so here's what I'm using, info about what steps I have taken, and the problematic files.


                    6 core MacPro, 16GB RAM, OS X 10.6.8, CS5 After Effects v10.0.1 and mocha for After Effects v2.2.1. No camera drivers or codecs have been installed. I have run Disk Utility to check hard drives, and repaired permissions. The problem files vary, but typically I have the most problems with .mp4 files. I doubt that the files are the issue, as they all play with other apps (QuickTime, AfterEffects, Premiere Pro) and I can preview them in the finder. One file that won't work is from a tutorial book, used specifically in a mocha tutorial. All files are copied to a local hard drive, and I have confirmed that privleges are set to read & write (including all folders and sub-folders they reside in).

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Your problem is the mp4 files. They are extremely easily corrupted. They can also have some real funky ways of handling 3;2 pulldown, interlacing, and frame rates depending on the source.


                      I'd transcode the files to a production codec for all AE work. It sounds like a hassle, but you'll be better off in the long run. Pro-rez 422 is a good option if you have Final Cut installed. Black Magic 10 bit is another good one. Apple intermediate and Photo Jpeg or Jpeg 2000 will do.

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                        davidp158 Level 1



                        Reinstalled After Effects, and mocha was reinstalled with it. Still won't import .mp4 files.


                        Reinstalled QuickTime v7.7., but no improvement


                        Downloaded a demo version of mocha Pro (a different version that what ships with After Effects). This app was able to create a preview of .mp4 files, but the time line in mocha Pro only shows the first frame; no playback.


                        Converted the mocha tutorial .mp4 file to .mov (Photo JPEG codec) and that does import into, and work with, mocha for After Effects. Imagineer Systems (mocha developers) claim that mocha supports .mp4, and the tutorial file is in .mp4 format, so I'm not convinced that .mp4 is the problem. At least I can work around it until I sort it out.


                        Thanks to all who responded on this! Much obliged!


                        have a great weekend,



                        mocha for After Effects supported file formats:



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                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          The problem is that all MP4 is not equal. Some break easily.

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                            davidp158 Level 1



                            I haven't met a file format yet that I couldn't break...LOL.


                            Having worked with still images for many years, I am learning that video is a very different beast to wrestle with. Thanks again for your support on this.