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    Re: Manipulating .pdf docs downloaded with SendNow to Android Lapdock powered by Droid Bionic


      When I enlarge a .pdf file to full screen viewing on my new Android Lapdock powered by a Droid Bionic Smartphone, I lose ability to reduce or close it to move on to other files and functions.  It is permanently enlarged on my Lapdock.  I can read it and move forward and back within the document.

      The SendNow function which I used to send .pdf documents to my Droid Bionic Smartphone seems like what I was waiting for.  With the free Adobe Reader mobile app for  Droid I can access .pdf SendNow uploaded/downloaded files that are too large for GoogleDocs to handle.  No Adobe (or any) menu bars appear, no Adobe pop up controls to use with the Lapdock keyboard and/or wireless mouse controls appear.  The whole idea is to take virtual .pdf files to Board meetings with highlighted sections and sticky note comments for more efficient review & discussion.  This is especially helpful as I am President of the Board and must lead the discussions.  Help!  Nothing gets the document off of my lapdock screen and I need it for other purposes.  I have untethered the phone, closed all open programs on the phone & retethered...it doesn't matter, nothing works.  My only option is to drain the Lapdock battery, which was the solution when this happened the first time.  There is no "rebooting" of a Lapdock as the phone itself is the CPU.  Has anyone encountered this problem?  Can anyone venture a solution?