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    Windows: how do I update the device driver for my video/display adapter?

    pwillener Level 8

      Installed video drivers may not always support the functionality of the latest Flash Player.  If Flash Player does not function correctly, updating the video drivers to the latest available version is one of the first steps to try.  Below are instructions how to update the video drivers on Windows systems.


      1. identify the manufacturer and type of your video card
        • open Device Manager: Start | Run | enter devmgmt.msc
        • open the Display Adapters drop-down; this will show you the installed video card:
      2. identify the device driver version
        • right-click on your display adapter entry and select Properties
        • click on the Driver tab; this will show you the driver version and date:
      3. go to the device manufacturer's support site and download the latest driver
      4. follow the instructions on the manufacturer's support site


      Note: some of the auto-detect utilities linked above will only run on Internet Explorer.