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    My library EPUB book won't download.


      When I click on the download tab for the adobe epub book from my local library, I get an adobe content message. This message is only 1.7 KB and I cant actually get the book to download. I am able to do it from my android using Overdrive media, so I know it is not an issue with my library account. I do not know if this problem is my lap top, or what I should try next.

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          bunlady2012 Level 1

          did you download adobe digital edition to your computer yet? 

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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            Let me expand on this answer a bit.  I'm going to make some assumptions

            based on the original message: a Windows environment and some 'missing

            steps' in the process.  Please pardon me if, in making these assumptions, I

            either re-state the obvious or seem to insult your intelligence.  That's

            not my intention.  But I can't address a specific problem with such general

            information, so I'll start at the beginning and we will have common ground

            to discuss any problems further. 


            The process of transferring a library ebook starts with making sure that

            the environment the transfer takes place in is complete and functioning.

            This process is the same logically as it is with your Android device,

            except it's computer-based and uses different software.


            If you're going to read the ebook on your computer, you need to have ebook

            software on your laptop: it appears that Adobe Digital Editions is the

            product that your library expects to see on your computer.  ADE is

            downloadable directly, but you should go to Adobe's website and register

            there.  Create an Adobe ID and password that you will use in the rest of

            the process and, if you have one, with your ereader.  Download ADE and get

            it up and running.  Once it functions, you can exit from it.


            At this point, log into the library and request a download in .epub

            format.  Most library software will then activate a small file that

            contains the location of the ebook and information about your ebook's loan

            period.  The library software then starts ADE on your computer and points

            it to the small file.  ADE takes it from there, and will go and get the

            ebook and download it to your computer.  You'll have the option to OPEN or

            SAVE the ebook: if you OPEN it, ADE will download and open the ebook in

            Reading mode, and away you go.  If you SAVE it, ADE will save the ebook and

            place an entry in its library in Library mode.


            If you're going to transfer the library ebook to an ereader, there's more

            steps.  First, the ereader has to be supported by ADE software - and most

            Android devices are not.  There's a way around this, but let's deal with

            the supported devices first. Next, the ebook should be saved in the Library.


            As with ADE, you need to register the ADE-supported ereader with its parent

            or manufacturer (SONY with SONY, Nook with B&N, and so on).  Kindles are

            not supported.  Using your Adobe ID and password makes things go a LOT more

            smoothly.  When the registration process is complete, you should attach

            your ereader to your computer and make sure that your computer software

            recognizes it as some form of external device with storage.  Most of the

            time, it will appear as an external hard drive, but some folks report that

            their system thinks it's a camera.  Then, start ADE, and the device should

            show up as an entry on ADE's bookshelves - the left hand panel of the

            Library view.  Find the ebook in your library, then drag and drop it onto

            your ereader.


            When you're done, you can shut down ADE.  However, wait until your ereader

            has finished its update before you disconnect it - and use your computer's

            utilities to 'EJECT' the ereader - don't just unplug it.


            Bumps in the road can occur at several points in the process.  That's what

            we deal with here a lot of the time.  If they do, tell us what's not

            happening and we can troubleshoot (much better than the Adobe Help Line,



            Hope this helps!


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              AlaskaLissa Level 1

              Thank you. I apologize for the lack of clarity in my original message. I do have ADE on my lap top. I have successfully used it before. I was attempting to download the EPUB version via digital editions, so that I can then transfer it to my NOOK. This has so far worked for me untill recently. The last two books I have tried to download have been the same issue. The download now ling gets me a downloaded contentserv file that is only 175 kb instead of a full EPUB book file. Not sure what has changed between then and now. I even tried re-0installing my ADE in case I somehow messed that up. Thank you ~ Melissa

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                Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                Lisa, this is not your problem.  ADE just works with what it's given.  The

                key here is to tell the library that the epub file isn't complete when it's

                downloaded, and that you have not had this issue with other ebooks from the

                library.  Their technical support function 'should' be able to figure it

                out and fix the problem.  OTOH, if they're located in Alaska, they might

                have to import frozen code technicians from somewhere to get it done using

                ice picks and scrapers....