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    Finding Best Array Help??

    sbryner Level 1
      Hello all,

      I'm struggling with arrays.

      I know there is a sample that came with the software that allows you to pull from one array and
      insert it into another array and sort one field, what if you want to sort many fields?

      Are there other samples out there or tutorials strictly on Arrays? (I don't know where to look) that might explain these
      topics better.


      and any other way to pull various fields from an array and use that info.
      off the top of my head code below hopefully shows what I'm trying to accomplish.

      Reading the code and descriptions for the help docs seems to be so vague to me.
      Maybe I'm not reading it right or just don't work well with reading in that style but
      it's just not clicking.

      Please help I really want to learn about arrays. If I'm thinking right they could make
      updating files using external sources like images, text files a lot more easier than
      say having to update a site or what have you much faster.