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    Why does using class_blahblah as variable name mess up behavior?


      So if I have a class called "pic" and in the code I have this:


             [Embed("i/pic.png")]public var class_pic:Class;

                                         public var bitmap_pic:Bitmap = new class_pic();


      And in the pic class I also have a function like this:


          public function ok():void{




      Normally I can make a variable of this class and call the ok function:


           var p:pic = new pic();



      But I couldn't and it drove me crazy figuring out why and it ended up because i was using class_pic in the embed part, if i used classss_pic it worked fine, but class_pic wouldn't let me load the function, but it didn't give any errors.  So I guess I learned the lesson not to use class_ in defining a variable but why not? =\