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    Can't pan (hand tool) when zoomed out

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      1. make a document

      2. zoom out so you can see the boundary of the canvas

      3. try to pan using the "hand tool" -> cant pan, canvas stays in middle

      4.  - zoom in just enough so the boundary of the canvas exceeds your viewport -> can pan now (but when you zoom out abit after panning to the side, it pops back to middle again)

            - OR rotate the zoomed out canvas just so one of the corners exceeds your viewport -> can pan also (but when you reset rotation after some panning, it pops back to middle again)


      Lets say i want to draw in the lower right corner of my canvas at a zoom which doesnt make the canvas exceed my viewport but at the same time i want to pan so i have that lower right part of the image near the middle of my screen (so its not lost under my layers window and also so i dont have to draw near the edge of my tablet) but i cant because canvas doesnt exceed my viewport vision.


      To get around this so far ive been either rotating the canvas abit and drawing like that so i could pan or i flip the image or move my palettes to the other side for better access but its a mess so i usually resort to having a duplicate viewport for the same image on other monitor which i keep zoomed out to have a view of the whole composition and then paint sort of "blindly" in the first viewport with close zoom which lets me pan and paint somewhat near the middle of screen and watch the result in the second viewport. I was also thinking about making bigger canvas and drawing on a smaller part of it in the middle, but im already working at like 10k res and that would slow things down even more i guess.)


      Am i just missing something? Or is there any better workarounds?