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    Microphone for Narration


      I should be grateful if somebody could kindly help me with the following problem that I am encountering in Adobe Premiere Elements 10.


      I wish to do a narration and I have followed the help instructions to set up for Narration.  The instructions are to go to EDIT, PREFERENCES, AUDIO HARDWARE and then when Default Device appears to click on the box next to it to bring down a menu in which there is COMPUTER'S SOUND DEVICE. 


      I had no problem getting to the Default Device and alongside it was a box in which PREMIERE ELEMENTS WDM SOUND appeared.  When I clicked on the drop down menu tab all that appeared was PREMIERE ELEMENTS WDM SOUND.  I could not find anything referring to the computer's sound device.  Hence if I try to do a narration my microphone is not recognised.


      If somebody could please help me to resolve this problem they would have my thanks!


      Thank you, J. Kellenberger