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    Transfer local library book from Windows7 to Kobo Touch reader


      Have deinstalled and reinstalled ADE several times but I never get the device set up window. Successfully downloaded free books and have the local library book on the computer but cannot transfer to reader. Any help?

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          You've been going through a lot of effort that's not necessary.  One

          installation, done properly, is all that's needed.And, multiple installs of

          ADE can cause problems if you don't wipe out all traces of the previous



          There is no 'device setup window' in ADE.  Maybe, because you're looking

          for one, that's at the root of your frustration.  There ARE some steps to

          go through that you should follow, and some setup steps that should occur

          with the Kobo ereader and ADE.  I don't want to lecture here, but let me

          'assume' that you're not familiar with all of this stuff, and go through



          When you installed ADE, you needed to register your copy with Adobe, where

          you'll be prompted to use your Adobe ID or to create one, along with a



          When you register your KOBO Touch, you'll need a user ID and password.  If

          you use your Adobe ID and password to do this, then the rest of the process

          should go without hitches.


          Next, when you connect your Touch to your Win 7 machine, it should find the

          Touch and show it as a drive letter - probably with a label of 'external

          hard drive'.


          Now, if ADE is installed properly, all you should need to do is to load

          ADE.  If all is well, then ADE will find your Touch, see it's registered to

          the same Adobe ID as ADE is, and link to it.  ADE will display the Touch in

          the Bookshelf panel (left hand side) in Library view.  All you need to do

          at this point is to drag and drop ebooks from the Library panel (right hand

          side) to the Touch.


          We should be on the same page at this point.


          If the Touch isn't showing up, and you didn't use your Adobe ID to register

          it, you can authorize the device manually.  In Library view, click on the

          down arrow next to the word 'Library'.  A drop-down panel will appear, and

          one choice is 'Authorize Computer'.  If you click on that entry, you should

          see screens that will let you find and authorize the Touch.


          Hope this helps!