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    Help CS3 isn't working correctly in my new computer


      I just bought a new computer...I had no choice..the other one was dying. I do basic photo editing, but I do it daily.

      I have loaded my CS 3 onto my new Asus, with Windows 7 and i5 processor. Before I bought I did a lot of asking of friends and computer shops...all said CS3 would work just fine with this set up. I have it installed.....BUT I do alot if editing in camera raw with my jpegs. So far when I was setting up brideg, the computer pops us telling me that it won't work well with my processor. The whole reason I got the i5 was because I was told it would work best with it. It was a huge deciding factor for buying the computer. When I open the files in camera raw, it wil llet me edit, but won't  save anything..I'm assuming because it doesn't like the i5 processor. it tells me it' unable to save conversion, access denied.  Is there anything I can do. I really DON'T want to upgrade. I just spent a lot on a computer I was told would work with CS3 by several people and I am not good with change. I like CS3, it works for what I need and I prefer not to have to learn anything new, even if thechanges are minor.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?