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    Master pages and printing a calendar

    ladyinblack1964 Level 1

      Hello, folks,


      I am designing a 2012 page-per-day calendar, sort of like this:

      http://store.franklinplanner.com/store/category/prod500016/US-All-Planners-%26-Refills/Ori ginal-One-Page-Per-Day-Ring-bound-Planner-Refill?skuId=40012http://


      I know you can just order these, but I wanted to incorporate some of my artwork on the pages and flex my creative muscles.


      I have set up two page for January as master pages, with a little box at the top of each page that says "January" on it.


      I have two issues:


      1. Is there any way to automatically plug the date in the little box so I don't have to type 31 different numbers. I must say straight up that I am no Excel wizard (or any kind of wizard, for that matter) so I'm not sure I could use another program to do it. I am willing to type in the numbers as I am a very fast typist (100 wpm).


      I also want to include the day of the week along with the proper date.


      2. More importantly: Once I have typed in my numbers on my master pages, how do I set up the pages so that they print back-to-back properly. In other words, on the back of January 2, January 3 should appear. I thought it might be rather like doing a booklet, until I realized that it's NOT a booklet and that the numbers must stay in proper sequence.


      Can anyone point me to a tutorial, or help me through this?


      Also, I do know about Calendar Wizard, but it kind of scares the heck out of me...and if anyone knows if artwork can be placed in it, please let me know. Also, I want to use fonts I like, etc. I've already put a lot of work into my own design so I'd rather stick with my own stuff. Thanks!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          First, though I haven't looked recently, there used to be some calendar wizard scripts and the Adobe Exchange that would probably do most of the work for you.


          Second, this is exactly like making a booklet. The only difference is that you won't be imposing the pages for binding when you are done. For loose-leaf sheets tha print two-sided just set up as a facing pages document and go. Don't forget to allow a large inside margin for the binding holes.


          Your link isn't taking me to the specific planner, so I don't know exactly what it looks like, but if you want to work without a script, my tendency would be to build a master page with whatever grid structure you want to use and set up linked text frames to hold the dates on the master frame. If the names of the days are to be included, and the position is not static, I would add a second set of linked frames to to hold them. Make an object style (or at least apragraph style) for each thread that includes a Start inNext Frame keep option in the assigned paragraph style.


          Make text files for the number list for the dates and day names (probably not worth it for the month names). For the dates, type 1 through 31, each on a new line. For the days, Sunday through Saturday, each on a separate line, repeating 5 times (for a total of 35 day names).


          Place the two text files into the respective threads, but if a whole month doesn't fit on one page, I'd do the numbers first, holding the Shift key to add pages, then do the Days, holding Shift and Alt/Opt together to limit the flow to the exisiting pages (the last frame for day names will show an overset).



          If a standard columnar type layout is used, override (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift click) and delete the frames that hold the numbers which need to be blank at the begining of the month before you flow the number list. DO NOT override the first fame into which you need to flow the text.


          To synch day names to numbers in a list type layout, select the text for the names (NOT the frames) and delete from the front of the list after placing to shift them bacward in the chain, then select the overset and remove it from the end.

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            ladyinblack1964 Level 1

            Dear Peter,


            Wow--this sounds really complicated. I don't even know what some of the terms you are using mean. I'm probably going to give up on this project. It's basically all Greek to me!


            Thanks, though, for your help.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Well, I'd try the calendar wizard....


              You can add art to any file, so use the wizard to set upthe calendar first (presuming you can find one that will do the format you want), then add your art.

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