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    Premiere Elements cause problems with Windows Media Center while streaming to TV.


      I was having the following problem:

      The audio from the streaming process of a recorded TV show on my HP computer to the remote receivers, a Sony Blu-ray player and/or a Sony Streaming Player, results in the loss of audio signal at exactly 30 seconds from the beginning on either devices. The video continues on as normal.


      A user on the Windows 7 forum had the following possible cause and solution.  His response was as follows:

      I "solved" my issue, at least partially. Turns out for me a codec installed by Adobe Premiere Elements for audio (Main Concept) was causing mfpmp.exe to fail (you should see it getting an appcrash in the event log two or three times as soon as you start playing the media remotely.) This program is used by microsoft for DRM. I went through and one by one remained the various attached (non-microsoft) modules until i found the one that caused the appcrash. I haven't fully figured out if Elements is now negatively effected, but that's for a different forum.


      I tried the quick fix by un-installing Adobe Premiere Elements.  The uninstall solved my problem with Windows Media Center, but I want to re-install the software but I do not want to recreate the problem with Windows Media Center.


      Is there another solution for this problem?