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    When I use ; (semicolon), the string of characters do not hyphen!

    Henry Wilson_969

      Let's suppose we have whatever string of characters inside a text frame:




      if the character string doesn't fit inside the text frame and the Hyphenate is checked on the Paragraph panel, the string of characters for examples goes:






      Let's suppose now that inside this string of characters there is a ; (semicolon):




      now on the string of characters do not hyphen, if the text frame is too small it disappears and a red plus sign as usually appears at the bottom right the text frame. So I must enlarge the text frame to see the whole string of characters and if the text frame gets outside the page borders?


      Can anyone help me to resolve this?

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          rafikibubu Level 1

          Hi Henry,


          How often will this occur with the copy you have?


          If it's only on occasion, then you could just simply insert forced line breaks as needed.


          You put in a line break by placing the cursor where you want a break, and hitting shift-return.


          Also, if can't see the text because of the long string (all you see is the red plus sign on the text frame), select the text frame and hit ctrl-y (cmd-y on mac) to open the copy in the story editor. Insert the line break as needed, and the copy should then show up in the text frame.


          Hope this helps!