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    Stroke (giving me stroke)


      ...again, Mac OS X 10.6.8 and CS5 Xtnd: edit...stroke....and "center" stroke is the only selection that works on a simple line. "Inside" and "outside" selections show no effect. What is happening> Any assistance with this is again greatly appreciated. thanks.(Still swearing at this adobe app without results)

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          Herugrim123 Level 1

          It would help if you could post a screen shot of the pic with the stroke dialog box and layers panel  shown before you press okay...

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            Herugrim123 Level 1

            JPierre: The first thing that I notice is that the layer you have selected has it's vibility switched off. You have to have it on to edit the layer.




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              jpierre33 Level 1

              I get your point, I must have given you the wrong screeen shot; try these on, again taken with my camera so that tracking better. Also, things seems to change again: today, absolutely NO effect produced on using inside stroke....nil. Center stroke works, and as in the 2 sceen images you can see that 'outside' stroke resolves in both outside and inside. I'm due for another stroke.



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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                Question are you trying to trick us by not showing the whole image window so we can see the full selection,trickselection.jpg

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                  Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                  Check that your selection is not inversed. In other words if you zoom your document to fit the image window, do you see the marching ants around the document bounds?

                  (what JJMack probably was getting at)





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                    jpierre33 Level 1

                    no trick...mate, I just used the magic wand to select a circle I drew just to try to describe what was happening - you can see the ants in the centre of the selection in the lower image; in the top image I'm showing you the selection with "stroke" selected for "outside" and yet the inside got stroked also.

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                      PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                      Bonjour, JPierre.

                      Did you try to reset the selection tools by activating them, and then perform a right-click on their icon in the Option Bar, and chose the Reset Tool option.

                      Then, you might try to re-create your preferences, by re-starting Photoshop and quickly hold Cmd+Option+Shift, and accept the prompt.

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                        jpierre33 Level 1

                        salut PE,

                        unfortunately, still no luck with this following your suggestions. Stroke "inside" still gives nothing(no stroke), "centre" works fine, and "outside" gives both inside and out as shown. Oh, and also, in re-starting PS and holding down Cmd+shift+option gave no prompt.

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                          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                          You should try to do it immediately after the launch.

                          or delete the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Prefs.psp file Users/[user name]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop CS5 Settings

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                            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                            With a ring selected here is how the three stroke options work Red 15 Pixel wide Inside, Center and outside


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                              jpierre33 Level 1

                              I appreciate all your efforts in clearing this up for me; however what you are presenting me with does nothing to help me resolve this issue. No need to complicate things, just hand paint a circle and select it with the magic wand, then go to stroke, inside, center, or outside. In my case (and I have just reinstalled CS5 giving the same results) the inside stroke has no effect, the center stroke does inside and outside as is supposed to, and the outside now gives nothing. This is a feature that in the past I have used repeatedly, and now I'm screwed with this feature being denied me in my developed technique.

                              Also as you may have noted, I am having an issue with the brush, where the diameter of the brush is false,  as presented in another discussion thread.

                              again thanks for your efforts, cheers

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                                Herugrim123 Level 1

                                The problem is, I've tried the same thing as you and it works perfectly ! There must ( as others have suggested ) be some setting in your preferences that is causing this error. Have you tried double clicking on the layer and adding the stroke in the layer style dialog box ? I realise that this will then be a layer style and not fill pixels but it may help to further eliminate errors. They both work the same on my machine but it's worth a try.





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                                  jpierre33 Level 1

                                  thanks for the try, but this still does not allow mw to do what I want with this. See my latest post/reply above, although one correction: stroke to "outside" gives stroke to both inside and outside with amount of pixels not spread out as "center" would be but doubled i. e. 25 to inside and 25 to outside. I've also trashed the prefs as PE had suggested, but no luck with that either.

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                                    PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                    Jean-Pierre, How did you delete the preferences, exactly (we want to be sure that it worked)


                                    Also,could you describe, step by step, exactly how you are operating?

                                    From the post with the pictures taken of the screen, it looks like you drew a circle with red paint, then selected it, and used stroke with the same color (that's what it looks like)

                                    Then, JJMack tried to replicate it, just with a donut shape selection, but you then stated it is too complicated... Using his method, you can be sure that there is no confusion with the color of the paint that you used to create the shape that you will select.


                                    I'm wondering about the second picture, it was made with which setting? For me it looks like the normal behavior of a outside setting (if the shape was created with red paint)


                                    For the outside to work only on the outside of a selection, the selection should not be donut shaped, but a regular circle. Then inside would only be inside, and center, erm, centered on the selection. With donut shapes, the outside will be outside the selection edges, therefore inside the inner circle, and outside the outside circle of the selection. I'm wondering if using the same color to draw the shape and the stroke does not bring confusion.


                                    We are genuinely trying to help you, but as long as we don't see what you see (a video capture, maybe?) we can just make guesses.

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                                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                      Have it your way

                                      Draw a circle using a solid red paint brush that has a 40 Pixel round 100% hard edge tip

                                      Use magic wand to select the red cirle

                                      Make three strokes 15 pixel wide green stroke inside, a 15 pixel wide blue strokeoutside and a 5 pixel wide center stroke.


                                      Same three strokes using a inverted selection where the white area is select and the red area is not selected.

                                      Note the reversale of the green and blue strokes and the there is no perimeter blue strole for it would  be outside the canvas area.

                                      Most likely your making an inverted selection where everything but the drawn red circle is selected.


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                                        PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                        JPierre, did you check if the cursor preference in OsX had an influence here as well?

                                        Are you looking at the images at 100% magnification?

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                                          jpierre33 Level 1

                                          first of all, I apologize JJ re: your first images - my screen was only showing the left images and I could not see where that was going and I'd missed seeing the scroll bar - I'll attribute this to having lost vision in my right eye recently, but I know that is no excuse.

                                          I further apologize to both, PE and JJ, for taking up your time with this since my approach was all wrong though I'd used this tool often in past project. Must have been a senior moment when I was perceiving it all with an altered mind set: I've been working with compound curves, the circle being the most simple example, and attempting to get a stroke ONLY to the outside, or ONLY to the inside as the case may be. By following your directions (especially using a different color to highlight my stroke) it became apparent that I was interpreting the stroke feature incorrectly. Now I realize that one way for me to accomplish what I had set out to do in getting only an inside stroke to the circle is to do "outside" stroke (different color) then the circle is stroke on either inside and outside; to keep it only to my desired stroke to the inside of the circle I can then magic wand select the outside stroke and clear.

                                          thanks to you both, this is finally cleared up for me. cheers

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                                            PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                            No problem, glad that you are all set!

                                            I'm serry sorry to hear that about your lost vision.


                                            Feel free to stick around, and help others when you can!

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                                              jpierre33 Level 1

                                              merci PE j'vais faire ça.