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    MSI R5870 not helping in After Effects

    Dr. D-man

      I have a monster of a computer. I have a 6 core 3.5ghz processor 12gb ddr3 ram and a MSI R5870 GPU. I have set up everything correctly in After effects I believe. But when I render anything it takes FOREVER. and when I check my GPU load on GPU-Z it says it has a load of 0-5%. When I go to the Open gl settings it shows my card and says its supported but when I start rendering my cpu load maxes out and my gpu load stays at 0. I feel like if it was using my GPU properly it would run much quicker... I am using after effect 5.5. When I play games like Skyrim & MW3 the GPU load will go anywhere between 75%-100% so i know the GPU isnt broken.I have the most updated catalyst software installed also. something is definitely wrong. Please some on help me out!!!

      Heres my setup:


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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          After Effects is not a GPU-reliant application.  After Effects uses GPU functions like OpenGL to accelerate some processes, but generally speaking all the hard work in After Effects is accomplished by your CPU.  What's more, relying on a single GPU in a 6-core system may actually slow rendering times, because each processing core has to wait in line for access to the GPU. 


          Please post some examples of a project's content and it's render time, and we'll tell you if it seems like something isn't working right.







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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

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            ...on topic: Just get used to it. Very few things in AE use GPU at all and the stuff that does, is mostly doing so only for preview purposes while working. Likewise, there are some effects and in particular third-party plug-ins that use OpenGL (Magic Bullet Looks, shapeshifter etc.) or CUDA (GenArts Sapphire), but there will always be conditions where these features will be disabled and the effects run as CPU only. Simply turning on MP rendering can do that. Read the help section on hardware acceleration for more detailed explanations.