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    Thank You forum Members


      I started learning Flex about 3 months back and built an android mobile app to help make learning more interesting.


      Flex was very easy to learn but being a newbie the journey was a tough one. I encountered roadblocks for every little feature I wanted to implement. Googling did help in some cases but when I look back at all the questions I've asked on this forum, I realize that this where most if not all of the help came from.


      The app has received very good reviews and people seem to have liked the performance of the app a lot too. This has convinced me even more that Flex is a wonderful platform to be working on, especially if you take into account that the same app can pretty much be published on the Apple App store and Blackberry store.


      I want to thank all of you for the help. There was no way this was going to be possible without the help of the forum members.


      Do check out the app too. It's a free app called Pix (a simple app to view pictures from 500px app). I'd love to hear what you guys think about it.

      You can find it in the Android Market by searching for 500px. It should show up 2nd on the list.


      Thank you again everyone.