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    StageWebView local video file <> NativeExtension to launch media player (Android)


      Hello there!


      As discussed here




      it's very hard to load (for example) a local videofile saved on the device inside an HTML5 video-Tag.

      All the possible solutions I found and tried didn't work for me.


      Short description:

      - user can stream an mp4-video via http://....

      - if he wants, the user can download this video into the folder File.applicationStorageDirectory (also tried documentsDirectory, userDirectory)

      - user can then watch the video without internet connection


      When the users wants to start the video, the app checks if the video is available local.


      if yes:

      StageWebView is loaded with the code

      <html><head><title>Player</title></head><body><div style="position:relative;width:800px;margin:0 auto;">

      <video id="player" autobuffer controls height="400" width="800" onclick="this.play();">

      <source src="file:///data/data/air.com.test.testApp.debug/com.test.testApp.debug/Local%20Store/vi deo/video.mp4">




      => this is not working. Feels like the StageWebView can not access the file (permissions? wrong path?)


      if not:

      the http-Url is used as source for the video tag => this is working



      As a solution I'm thinking of starting the native video player to play the local file.

      navigateToURL doesn't work...


      Perhaps I need a native extension to start the player?

      Is there any solution out there?


      Thank you very much in advance!