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    Need help with FLV type SWF playback in flash movie

    reinhat Level 1
      I have three external SWF files from a client without FLA sources. The SWFs were done 3 years ago by someone else so there is no way to modify the existing SWF files. These contain no interactivity but may involve nested clips on the main timeline. They are AS1 or AS2 files so they need to be done with AS2 scripting to keep it simple.

      I need to call these SWF files inside another flash movie and play them in a player window as if they were video files with play/pause, seekbar and volume controls. The needed functionality is similar to FLV players. My controls will use custom graphic buttons and sliders mimicking the look of CNN video player window.

      Does anyone know a good tutorial on how to script these controls for SWF?
      Most likely I think I will load it in a clip and I am thinking that I will need to get the duration of the loaded swf in order to set up the seekbar.
      Thanks in advance,