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    Exporting or Saving for InDesign after creating in Photoshop CS2 ?

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      I have created a design mainly using dingbat fonts in Photoshop CS2 and want to save it (I think as a TIFF) for use in InDesign CS5.


      I have tried but when I 'place' to TIFF image in InDesign the quality looks terrible, can someone please advice on what i might be doing wrong?


      The documnet has been created as 600dpi, A5 so 21cm x 14.8cm and I have the colour set for CMYK.


      When I'm saving the file I'm offered TIFF options, including image compression, for which I have chosen JPG and Maximum quality 12, I've attached a screenshot of the TIFF options.


      As I say any help you can provide who be greatly appreciated, the design if for a brochure and it needs to be as clear as the software will allow.