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    video itemrenderer and netstream


      Hi! I'm trying to do videochat and decided to use itemrenderer and list component, but i think i have some problem with binding netstream. ArrayCollection looks like {name:UserName, rating:Rating, stream:NetStream Object} When i'm start my programm it's ok for 2 users but when smbd connect video objs change position and usernames are not similar with them, how can i solve this problem? here is example of I.R.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      <s:ItemRenderer xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"








                                    public var stream:NetStream;




                <fx:Binding source="{data.stream}" destination="stream"/>

                <s:BorderContainer id="bc" width="200" height="180" backgroundColor="#DEDEDE"

                                                           dropShadowVisible="true" borderVisible="false">

                          <mx:UIComponent id="uic" width="200" height="164">



                                              var video:Video = new Video;

                                              video.width = uic.width;

                                              video.height = uic.height;


                                              if(stream == null){

                                              var c:Camera = Camera.getCamera();









                          <s:HGroup x="10" y="167" width="44" height="11" verticalAlign="middle">

                                    <s:Image width="14" height="13" smooth="true" smoothingQuality="high" source="img/user.png"/>

                                    <s:Label color="#005281" depth="1" fontWeight="bold" text="{data.name}"/>


                          <s:HGroup x="144" y="167" width="44" height="11" verticalAlign="middle">

                                    <s:Image width="14" height="15" source="img/топ юзеров.PNG"/>

                                    <s:Label color="#C1761E" depth="2" fontWeight="bold"

                                                         text="{data.rating}" textAlign="right"/>