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    ACR not saving after "done" and no changes reflected in Bridge.


      Am using CS5 and ACR 6.x (newest) on iMac (10.6.8)

      Within the past couple of days I've encountered an issue when in ACR.  I edit my raw file then press "done" to save my changes (in xmp).

      Then going back to Bridge the symbols no longer pop up indicating any changes and going back in to bridge it is as if nothing has changed.


      In Finder I can see I have an xmp sidecar.


      This just began occurring with the last two cards I uploaded.

      I use Nikon Transfer to upload from CF card.


      To the best of my knowledge I made no changes immediately proir to this occuring.

      After this first happened downloaded te latest updates to ACR.


      It does not seem to mater if I have Generate High Quality Thumbnail set or not.


      Any idea if I have a setting askew.