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    CFGRID as an admin panel

    waterunderthebridge Level 1

      I'm impressed with the possibilities of CFGRID and wonder if anyone has used it as an admin panel.


      Here's the scenario.


      I build an event registration template which inserts user information in a database. Then the sponsors of the event

      want to view that information so that they can plan for a meeting-place of suitable size, and so on. Then there are

      sometimes last-minute changes and the sponsor needs to email the registrants. The sponsor also needs to be

      able to edit a user's information, delete and add users, and, in general, be in charge of the data.


      I was thinking of building various views to accomplish all this for the sponsors, but when I saw CFGRID, it

      seemed like an all-in-one answer.


      Has anyone used CFGRID in this way before? And is it appropriate for a scenario like this.

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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          I am less enthusiastic about cfgrid.  But then again, I've only looked at the flash and applet formats.  The flash format, when I was looking at it, in version 7, was read only so it had limited usefulness.


          The applet version was ok in version 4.5 but from version 6 onwards it became very keyboard unfriendly.  We have a couple of data maintenance pages that use grids.  I might have to use them but I don't have to like them.