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    indesign custom size print problem


      I am printing a card with a photo on the front that has to fit into a pre-embossed border. I have set a custom size for my InDesign file (7x10.375") and created a custom paper size. The borders around the embossed box are .625" and I have created margins to match in my InDesign doc, placing the image inside those margins. When I go to print, this size is reflected in the setup/defined by driver section and the print preview reflects the correct page size.


      But when I print, the image flows out of those margins by .125" to .25", different on every side of the embosssed box, and looks awful. Is there something going on in print menu that is increasing the size of my indesign doc and correspondingly increased my image size? Print/setup/options say 100%. I am using InDesting CS3 with Snow Leopard mac and HP 7200 printer. Thanks!

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          rafikibubu Level 1

          It sounds like the printer settings are getting in the way somewhere.


          This is just a shot in the dark, but have you tried hitting "scale to fit" in the print options? This would force the document to scale the image down a bit, in order to accomodate the printer's gripping needs (the amount of paper the printer needs to hold onto, in order to feed the paper).


          If your print preview says 100% ... that would mean there's been no accomodation of the gripping area. Scale to fit with generally reduce the print size based on the printer's needs.


          Picture 2.png


          See, the document I have here did say 100% before I'd hit scale to fit, under Setup. NOW it automatically compensated by making the print scale 95.37%.


          Give it a shot? Good luck.




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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            There are at least two HP printers that are numbered  7200, an all-in-one inkjet and a photo printer. I've never used either of them, but if you are using the photo printer, it's posible that the driver thinks this is a borderless job and is scaling internally to print edge-to-edge. Differences on each side could be attributable to papaer shift in the printer -- desktop printers don't use grippers like printing presses and have poor sheet-to-sheet registration tolerances.


            Another factor is that you are using an HP printer. The vast majority of printer problems we see here are with HP products and they are gnerally solved by exporting to PDF and printing from Acrobat. Have you tried that?

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              dizzymel Level 1

              rafikibubu: This was a really good idea, but, alas, my scale to fit still said 100%. I even printed it to see if it would work and it did not. I'd be happy to try any other suggestions. Thanks!

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                dizzymel Level 1

                Peter: Thanks for the reply. My HP is C7280 Photosmart All-in-One. I am willing to accept the left-right shift of about a 16th, but the image is actually almost a half-inch taller than in my doc. I did try the pdf on your suggestion, but it went way off the page. In the end, I tweaked the image margins in my doc until it fit within the embossed borders.