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    TOC and index for straight HTML output


      I'm working with RoboHelp 8.02, with linked FrameMaker files (TCS 2)


      The output files are placed into an application that runs on a touchscreen. The application includes navigation buttons to scroll up and down the current topic, to take you to the contents and index, and "Back" and "Forward" buttons, to return to the last topic you viewed, or return again "forward".


      Previously we used WebWorks for this. We just generated straight HTML. The contents and index were written to HTML pages and there was an option to put "Next" and "Previous" buttons into the topic headers (like a browse sequence, going through all topics in the order of the contents page).


      Now I have RoboHelp, and at least for the interim there will be no work done on the application the help files are viewed in, so I want an output as close as possible to what WebWorks used to give.


      I'm able to generate the basic topics OK, using the XML Output with handler "Export Project to XHTML". The buttons in the app work (except the Index and Contents buttons).  What this output doesn't give me is an HTML contents page, or index page, and I don't know if I can put Next and Previous buttons in topic headers. (Currently, I've created a TOC manually, to level 2, and then rely on internal links for navigation. It's not ideal and I don't really want to do this for 11 languages).


      When I look at the XHTML output there seem to be contents and index pages written, but they're in XML, not HTML (xxxx_ndx.xml and xxxx_toc.xml). Is there any way I could generate these as HTML?


      And can I get Next and Previous buttons into topic headers?


      Any help greatly appreciated, but please note I don't really know HTML or XML. I'm happy to work in these files if necessary, but would need clear instructions.