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    List in mobile View comp not working with AIR 3.1

    Chris Born

      I've been using ViewNavigators and Views from the mobile mobilecomponents.swc in a couple of AIR desktop apps with out issue for some time now. For the last several months i've been building against Flex 4.5 with a merged in AIR 3.0 and everything has been great. Today I got arround to updating to FB 4.6. The release sdk with 4.6/3.1 is producing a very strange behavior that does not occur with 4.5/3.0.


      Application has two components based on spark/Group that each contain a ViewNavigator. (GroupA, GroupB) These are loaded and unloaded with state changes within the main application mxml. There are two Views (ViewA, and ViewB) When GroupA loads it subsequently loads ViewA into its ViewNavigator, and likewise when GroupB is added to the stage it loads ViewB into it's ViewNavigator. There is a List in each of the two views. If GroupA and it's view ViewA are displayed first then everything works as expected, but when changing states to show GroupB and not GroupA then the list in ViewB does not respond to any input at all. If GroupB is the first to load then GroupA when loaded after will not behave properly.


      The strange thing is that the same application when set to build with the merged sdk works without issue and passes all my tests. I can't find any notes on significant changes between 4.5 / 3.0 and 4.6 / 3.1. Am I missing some changlog somewhere with significant behavior changes from 3.0 to 3.1?