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    Cut and Paste is screwing up

    Arrakis Level 1

      I am working on a project , lets call it project A.  In project A I cut a layer because I needed to paste it into a solid layer.  Then later I began a new project lets call it project B.  In project B I also had to cut and paste an effects layer but when I paste it , it is pasting what I cut form project A!!     What is going on here?   Why is it pasting form a completely different project unrelated to my new one??

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          Arrakis Level 1

          I couldnt find the edit button so Im adding another comment here.   I reset preferences by holding shift option command when restarting AE and it made no difference.  Every time I try to paste my paint effects layer into my new solid it pastes a fractal effect    that I havent even cut or copied????   

          I am using CS5.5 on macbook pro i7 8GB  Osx 10.7.2



          EDIT - found  a solution to this issue but it is clearly a bug.   If I want to cut something I must first copy it. If I do not copy first then when I paste it will paste the previosuly cut layer or if there isnt one then I cannot paste because it will be greyed out.    Is there a way to fix this??

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'm not sure I follow you. Try this. In composition A select the layer you want to copy. Copy. In composition B Paste. The layer and all the effects come into Composition B. Cut and paste to a layer has never replaced the selected layer. It's always added a new layer to the composition.


            If you're trying to copy effects then select the effect you want to copy from Composition A in the Effects Control Panel. Then go to Composition B, select the layer you want to have the effects and paste.


            If you're having clipboard problems then make sure that Use System Shortcut Keys is unchecked in Preferences>General and go to Edit>Purge>All to clear your cache before using copy.


            If none of the above work then reboot your computer.


            If Cmnd+X doesn't cut and then Cmnd+V doesn't paste there's something else wrong.

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              Arrakis Level 1

              Hi Rick,  I did what you said ie prefs/system shortcuts, edit > purge and reboot and still have same problem.


              It appears to be problem with cut, whether I use the shortcut or not.   If I cut something it does cut but itdoes not copy so it will not paste unless I copy then cut.


              So for example - I have layer one with a paint effect.  I cut the effect and it disappears but when I try to paste to new solid nothing happens.  However if I copy then cut it will paste.   Cut should automatically copy but it does not.     What should I do?


              Should I reinstall?  If so how do I uninstall after effects and then reinstall after effects only from my CS disk?