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    Problem with RAM preview in Windows 7, AE 5.5


      Hi there, I'm kind of a newbe with After Effect 5.5, have to make an animation for school and although I've already figured out how to make some magic with the program, I'm stuck on the RAM preview (yes, the one you get by hitting 0 if anyone asks). It gets stuck after 15-22 fps and that's it. I've searched forums, and comments and articles and whatsoever and the authores where having this issue when having Macs. Well, I don't, that's what I have:


      64 bit Windows 7

      Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU @ 2,00GHz

      6,00 RAM

      graphic card NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M

      (any more details needed?)


      I've also tried many combinations with checking/unchecking OpenGL, changing Video Preview (Computer Monitor Only or IEEE 1394 Pal <=don't even know what that is, but maybe you'll want to know), and of course Multiprocessing (image below) turning it off ond on.


      Compositions in my animation are for now just jpg's, png's and some psd layers, with some scaling and small dropshadows, nothing too fancy for now so I'm even more surprised I get the "Insufficient RAM" allert. (AE is the only running program except for GoogleChrome to search for possible solutions) Of course I need to add the sound but it's pointless until I figure out the RAM preview problem.


      I think that's all the details, but if you need more just ask.


      Please help me guys (and try to answer in simple English), it's really getting on my nerves and my deadline is coming...

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not sure that I completely understand what you are saying. Depending on the amount of available ram and the size and frame rate of the composition (not in your post) you may only get 15 to 22 seconds of playback. If it's only playing back at 15 to 22 FPS then you're choking your system. The first thing to do is to try setting the resolution of our comp to half and the zoom factor to 50%.


          Now that I take a close look at your screen shot, that's not going to help much. Surprise, surprise! You don't have nearly enough ram to have Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously checked.You need 4GB per processor minimum. With 8 CPU's you'll need 32 GB of ram to take advantage of all your cores for AE and you'll still need 1 of them for background apps. Take a close look at the settings:


          Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 6.53.32 PM.png

          How much ram is allocated for background apps? 1GB, How many CPU's will be used for the background apps like writing to disk and reading from disk, which are necessary for ram preview? 0, zero, nada. That's not exactly accurate or your system wouldn't run at all, but it shows the problem clearly. You've manually choked your fairly powerful computer by tying upp it's resources in a manner that causes it to choke on memory and read write cycles. Even with 6GB of ram you've starved the system to death.


          You've also allocated all of your ram to AE. Don't do that. Leave at least 1 GB for other apps, 2 would be better.


          Redo the settings and AE should work just fine. BTW, this info is clearly stated in the ram and memory allocation help pages for AE.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Rick said, simply don't use MP. And also verify your graphics driver and settings just in case...



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              bideru Level 1

              Thanks guys for the answers and some explaining, I suspected something in that Memory and Multiprocessing panel, but I had no clue would be exactly the matter. As shown above the Actual CPUs is not editable, and now I'm gonna sound like a complete blond as the AE version I was using was portable, therefore there was no chance the program would have remembered all the changed settings. And now as it occured to me I just downloaded the trial version where the Actual CPU is set to 3 and the RAM preview WORKS. Yay.


              I know asking on a forum may seem to be easy seeking but for me when I tried to read the adobe help it was like reading sections of law or something, complete black magic full of sentences and abreviations I don't understand. Especially that I use AE very rarely and it was hard for me to specify what settings are best, so that explanation of yours Rick is very valuable for me, thank you again


              Hope I won't have any more troubles with it, but if I had, Mylenium, could you be more specific about

              verify your graphics driver and settings just in case...

              ? What, where, how? (please don't laugh at me nor get nervous )