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    EPUB Navigational TOC Question


      I just formatted my first ebook using InDesign and exported it to EPUB with the guidance of Lynda.com's CS5.5 InDesign to EPUB series. I also converted it to .mobi for Kindle. The issue I am wondering about is with navigational TOC's. As it stands each new chapter has a chapter number, picture below that, and chapter title below the picture. The number and title are text and are used to create the navigational TOC using the titles for the TOC entry names and the numbers for page breaks. Everything worked quite well but since .mobi won't allow font embedding I lose some of the beautiful typography associated with this piece. I've seen other ebooks on Kindle that use images for each chapter heading. I would like to be able to do this but am unsure as to how to create the navigational TOC without any styled text to point to in each chapter heading area. The internal TOC is fine as that is just a page of links to the .html file for each chapter in my InDesign Book file. I would just like to be able to create my chapter headings in Illustrator and save them as .png/.jpeg to save the typography, but still be able to have InDesign create a functional navigation TOC.

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          Here's what I do. I type the title of that chapter at the top of the page the way I'd like it to appear in the TOC. I assign it to a paragraph style that is only used for this text. After exporting, I open the EPUB in Sigil and edit the CSS. Find the h1 section for the paragraph style you created, and change it to have a very small font size and a white color. This will make it invisible on almost all eReaders, yet still "present" and able to be included in the TOC. I call my style "cover" (because the first time I use it is to write "cover" above the image of the cover on the first page).


          h1.cover {

                    font-family: "Times New Roman";

                    font-size: 0.1em;

                    line-height: 0.2em;

                    text-align: center;

                    color: #FCFCFC;

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            Thank you very much it works out perfectly. Your response also got me thinking, havne't checked to see what if any eReaders support CSS tranparnecy styles. That could be nice for iPad when the user changes screen background color if it's supported.