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    Problem with animating text


      OK, so I have gone through most of the training videos over at Lynda.com, which happen to be extremely helpful. However, I am still having a major issue.


      I have decided to animate some text. All I want to do is make the text slide in from the left and then slowly move to the right after it comes into the shot.


      My dimensions are 1920x1080. The text is quite big, probably over 200px.


      Here's the issue:


      Once I place the text where I need it to be after animation has ended, I start to work backwards. meaning that I place the text where it needs to be where the animation has stopped, and then create the key frames backwards towards the beginning

      of the timeline. This is a fairly simple process. The problem comes in when it's all finished and my keyframes have been created. I now go to the Graph editor (Speed) and I see that my text, during some point in the animation, is 15-20 thousand pixels. When

      I try to export or render the animation it of course gives me an error that the frame buffer size is much too large. One might not have anything to do with the other. It's just a guess.


      Now, all I did was animate the text's position. I can also see that during the animation process (moving the text either by hand or using the numbers beside the position button) it has created this sort of line that looks like a path of some sort. This path becomes

      this long non-linear line that now effects how my text is animated. It looks as if my text animates sort of like a rubber band! What the? I didn't want that!


      Is there some way to get this stupid path line to behave as a normal line and not behave like this besier curve in Photoshop? It sure looks as if it's supposed to be the animation path, but once I start editing the animation it becomes a spline curve that I cannot seem

      to fix. Very frustrating indeed. I know that I am doing something wrong here. There must be some switch or a button that eliminates this problem, and I just missed it someplace.


      My problem may have nothing to do with the graph editor at all, but it sure seems to me that when I get the error during the rendering process that tells me that the frame buffer is tens of thousands of pixels big, it would seem that that has something to do with the way

      my text has been animated.


      I know this all sounds a bit odd, but I really need some help here. I cannot even animate simple text without having that line (path) behaving strangly. Is there any way to fix this?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'd love to see a screenshot. It sounds like you're not animating the position property, or if you are, you've moving it very quickly between two positions.


          When you say the graph editor shows 15 to 20 thousand pixels and you're looking at speed then you're seeing pixels per second, not pixels of movement. The graph editor is often confusing and it's very important that you have it set to Auto-zoom graph height.


          Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 8.07.33 PM.png

          You can get the huge pixel per second values with two keyframes are close together or when you've grabbed one of the handles and pulled it off the chart like I did here.


          Your frame buffer size is too big shouldn't have anything to do with the movement of the text but it can have everything to do with your memory allocation and composition settings. Go to Composition>CompositionSettings then Advanced and check the shadow buffer settings in the render options and check the samples per frame and adaptive sample limit for motion blur.

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            MrWiks Level 1

            I appreciate the info.


            I was messing around with the graph editor a little bit after I posted this question. It seems that by default the lines are set to "continuous bezier", which means they are natural flowing curves. This was my main problem when animating the text.


            I also found out why my frame buffer size was way out of control. Before my text was coming into the shot, it was blurred to the point where the size of the text was massive. I managed to figure out a different way to make the transition effect altogether

            so that the frame buffer size was managable by AE and would not crash when rendering.


            Also, you mentioned that I should check the shadow buffer settings and also my samples per frame/adaptive sample limit for motion blur. Those settings haven't been touched. They are 16 and 128 respectively. The shadow map resolution was set to comp size.


            Do you have any recommendations as to what I should set these?


            Again, I appreciate the info. Messing around with this program has been quite enjoyable. I'm sure that once I get used to it, I'll be able to animate without so much trouble.