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    Mic noise from clothes

    BRC guy Level 1

      Hello all ~


      Everything has been going perfect with the exception of live segments where the actor is speaking via a Sennheiser wireless lapel mic.


      On laptop speakers it is not noticable, but when I previewed the entire piece, the occasional but regular sound of the mic rubbing against a shirt or top is distracting and annoying.


      Reshoot? Gads - it's not possible.


      So . . . is there some sort of filtering formula or preset for audio that would remove/reduce that sound?


      Thanks everyone, for reading my latest dilemma! 


      ~ Jeff

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This is one of those things you really can't fix in post, and the reason good sound men with good headphones command a respectable day rate.

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            Level 4

            I think in general Jim is right .. in the sense that you cant really totally fix that sort of thing post..

            mainly cause no matter what you do to try to eliminate the 'noise' the voice will also change and will be noticeable.


            most sound mixers on sets will get whats called " room tone " for a minute or so ..with everyone on set being real silent...

            what this does is ( sometimes and in some cases ) it gets a recording of the ambient noises that might later on become annoying in the mix ( like the sound of a light ballast or air conditioning unit ... or when outside on location, the sound of traffic passing on a highway 1000 yards away, or whatever other noises there are )...


            Then that can be used to "cancel" it in the mix sometimes...


            what you are dealing with is a much bigger problem and theres no magic way to fix it. whatever you do will effect the overall recording of the voice.


            you can try to play with high and low pass filters and some sort of noise filters ( eliminate some of the peaks and troughs of the noise ) but basically youre screwed.




            ps.. you said ' reshoot' not possible, but is it maybe possible to get the " talent " only to do a voice over of the parts that are real bad ?

            have talent watch the thing and record what he is saying ( lip sync basically ) ?  or maybe you could do it yourself even

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              TheCoroner9 Level 1

              Some advice which won't help you now but next time use some toupee tape to keep the mic stuck down so it doesn't move.


              Use it all the time on features for taping the lavs down under the actors clothing. Works wonders.

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                Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You could try cutting out all the gaps between words and replacing with matching atmos. You can get the atmos from the top or tail of the scene if you're lucky. Try using words from other takes. If there are two people with split track audio it is often possible to take the sound from the 'wrong' person pushing the level and eq on the other mic (they have to be next to each other for this to work !).


                Richard Knight

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                  Daxman1965 Level 1

                  Hi Try a Program called izotope RX2




                  it might help



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