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    SSL / CFChart (Flash) fix stopped working??

      Ok, this is a weird one...

      A few months ago I built a simple page that generates a CFChart in Flash mode.
      This page is served over an SSL (https) connection. As I found out, I had to use the <cfset HoursWorkedGraph = Replace(HoursWorkedGraph," http://","https://") > workaround in order to not get the "This page contains both secure and nonsecure content" error message from IE... And it worked great.

      Now, all of a sudden, the fix has stopped working, and I haven't changed any code.

      The hosting service I'm with uses CF7, and is pretty good about installing the latest updates from Adobe. Is it possible that a recent update broke something in the CFChart or Replace( ) functions?

      Here's some example code that will generate the error over SSL.

      Thanks for all your help,

      -Ian in LA