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    Unable to copy and paste entire word doc.


      I am trying to register for grad school and am in need of immediate help, any and all information pertaining to my problem would be useful! thank you to everyone


      The pdf I am unable to paste my entire word doc. to is the third one down on this page http://www.csun.edu/hhd/cd/Fall2012DepartmentGraduateApplicationMaterials.htm, if you scroll down after selecting the 3rd pdf. you will see a large box that says to paste your statement of intent, no more than 1000 words, when I attempt to paste my 971 word statement from word it only allows 586 words and will not let me type into the document after this.


      This is a legit link, and is linking you to california state university northridge's website, I am a 24 year old girl in need of technical help!!!! hehe


      ANY info will be appreciated greatly!

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          yam4me Level 1

          oh I am using adobe x reader the current version

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            MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            The form field is restricted to 3650 characters. You cannot change this specification with Reader. You would need Acrobat to change the size to allow more characters. I don't think they would take kindly to changing their form even if you had Acrobat

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              yam4me Level 1

              so if I had acrobat would I be able to paste more than 3650? I have 5200 characters to paste, which is 971 words, yet the school says that 1000 words will fit



              I just need to know if i have to start cutting things out and shrinking it to 3650 or if there is a way around it? thank you so much!

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                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Whoever designed the form didn't do a very good job... They probably wanted to prevent the field text from overflowing (in which case it won't be visible when printed), but the information they provide is wrong. There's no way you could fit a thousand words into this form field since it will only take 3650 characters (and a space is a character), and the average English word is usually considered to be 5 letters long. So you can probably get around 600 words into this area (600 ~= 3650 / (5 letters + 1 space per word)).


                Bottom line is this: either edit your text, or contact your school and ask them to adjust the form for you. If they set the font size to Automatic and remove the character limit, the problem will basically be solved (although the text will become smaller if you enter a very large amount of it).