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    CS5 - Brush Banding Issue even after OS reinstall


      Hello! Friend of mine I'm trying to help troubleshoot an issue she's having with brush banding. Here's an example:




      The thing is the banding issue is in the file itself and shows up on any computer you view it on. PS works fine on my rig and I can paint over the troubled spots fine for her but that obviously doesn't help her.


      First thing we checked, which everyone seems to point at first, is a calibration issue. Well, that got ruled out with a complete system format and reinstall back to her default settings and a reinstall of PS as well. The issue happens and this was with no updates installed again just yet. Figuring the issue was her tablet, she was able to actually reproduce the issue by clicking with her USB mouse. She also mentions having the issue on PS on the Mac as well (her PC runs Windows 7 X64).


      I had a similar issue before, except mine would draw a pink halo around the brushes and reinstalling the system worked out peachy. I'm surprised to see that she's having this issue directly in the image files themselves and reinstalling everything didn't work. Then updated drivers and PS and the problem was still there with open gl acceleration turned off as well. Reset the brushes, tools, preferences, monitor is back on the default srgb profile. I'm stumped.


      So if anyone has any ideas on a fix for this and how she could possibly be seeing this between two different computers running PS, any help would be greatly appreciated.