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    Standard Video DVD Burn Format...?


      I just attempted my first DVD burn of some home video with Premiere Elements 10 64-bit.  Using the Share>Disc>DVD preset I get a DVD with a Folder/File structure that will not play on my DVD player Blu-Ray player...or computer.


      DVD's (that will play on my TV) have a "Video_TS" folder with IFO, BUP and VOB files.  However I wound up with a disc that has AC3, M2V and XMP files from Premiere Elements 10 instead. 


      Will Premiere Elements 10 burn a Standard Video DVD that has the correct fFile/Folder structure to play in a set top DVD player connected to my TV?  If so what's the trick?


      This is my first time using Premiere Elements so I'm sure I'm overlooking something.

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          nealeh Level 5

          Try using the Burn To Folder option making sure you specify an empty folder. Once complete that folder can be tested with a software DVD player and/or written to DVD using something like the excellent (free) ImgBurn.


          If this works correctly we can then investigate why you cannot burn directly to the DVD.


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            bradnet1 Level 1

            No sooner than I posted this I saw a reply to this topic http://forums.adobe.com/message/4126113#4126113.  Sure enough, I have been running Nero 10.  The "non-standard" DVD files I reported were actually the temp files on the computer that Premiere Elements 10 was generating.


            Used Nero Express to burn the DVD and it plays on the TV now just great!  Nice to finally migrate some of that old VHS to DVD.


            Question:  What is that "OpenDVD" folder about that was generated along with the Video_TS folder on the hard drive?