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    2012 calendar

    Gulfiya Level 1

      Hello! I'm trying to make calendar for 2012. And I did some search for free calendar tempates for photoshop but I can't find anything good. The one I'm searching for is very simple one without any background at all in very minimalistic style. I'd like  just to place it on my own photo. Could you please give me a link that can help me? Please help.

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          Level 5

          If seeking a Photoshop template, check the Photoshop forum. However, Photoshop is not the ideal tool to create calendars. Calendars are typically created in page layout programs where you have control for tables, character styles, and paragraph styles.

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            print_chesco Level 1

            I agree, Photoshop is not the best tool for creating calendar although you can use it for creating the design, not the template itself. You may want to search for other design programs that are specifically made for calendar creation.