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    There is no audio in my video, and an error message appears


      Ok, so i'm using adobe premiere elements 9. I really like the software, and i didn't have problems with it until recently. Whenever I add a video to my project and place it on the timeline, it shows up there, and i can see the video and hear audio. But for some reason, the audio disappears after the video is conformed. Then I found out that the video didnt complete the conformation process. A little red circle with an X showed up in the lower left hand corner of the screen, and when i clicked it, it showed "An unspecified error occurred while performing a conf..."(the rest is not visible). What can I do to fix this? I've read a lot of discussions in the adobe forums that are very similar, if not, the same as my issue, but i'm an amature at this sort of stuff, and I was hoping I could get an easier explanation on how to fix this issue. If this helps any, the video was recorded on my laptop camera with the built in mic, so the file is windows media audio/video (.WMV). I also have a backing track in the soundtrack slot in the timeline, but i have no problems hearing that. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          • If you are able, convert your WMV audio to WAV 48KHz 16-bit PCM (the excellent free Audacity can do this).
          • When importing your assets did you leave PRE alone to complete its conforming? If not try again and leave it to do its thing.
          • What have you changed in your system since it last worked? You could maybe try a system restore to a time earlier.
          • Move the Soundtrack Audio to a higher audio track (e.g. Audio 2). Both soundtrack and narration tracks are known to occasionally mess things up - no-one knows why.
          • If you haven't already work through PrE Hanging, or Crashing - Some Tips.
          • If that doesn't work take a look at Got a Problem? How to Get Started to see additional information we need about your hardware, assets, and project settings.


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