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    Video player doesn't play movie each time




      I'm newbie with flash's technologie . I'm using "Flex builder 4.5", and trying to insert a video player on a web site who play lot of movies (on DP mode or Direct Play).


      My problem is that the video player don't load the selected film each time (it fail to initialize), and (how to explain properly...) when the loading's freezing, if I select the same movie again in list, it load it in a second.


      For me, a video is "loaded" when the metadata are received (time of video up to date) , and the play button is on.


      But the method called for video loading  (initialize in fact) is the same every time. I change the "source" attribute of the video player, and the initialize() method is called automatically.


      Can you help me to find how to make sure to load a video on my player (in 100% of cases) who extends the mx.controls.VideoDisplay of Flex?


      Or can you explain why the video player don't load the video as well on Firefox as IE or SAFARI (on MAC)? The plugin is it different? Because on a old computer with IE, the video player don't work at all (never load movies).


      For now, I'm thinking to add a timer on loading, and each 30seconds relaunch the init method if the video don't initialized yet. But it's not a solution, just a patch which may not work.


      I'm french, sorry for syntax errors or other. I tried to be as clear as possible. Feel free to correct me!


      Happy new year for all...